premium skincare products

A skincare brand that inspires personal connections. Proudly made in Louisville in small batches.

Beargrass is a mission-driven company that is passionate about personal grooming, wellness, social impact, and the environment. 



Beargrass is committed to providing premium, natural products that meet ethical and sustainable standards. Adding to the impact of each bottle, Beargrass donates 10 percent of net profits to fund community-strengthening projects. 


Part of our business model is sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle, with a focus on sustainable packaging. A few things we ask ourselves when deciding packaging are: what materials are used? are they renewable or recycled? where are they made? are they being shipped from overseas, or shipped from several thousand miles away? how much waste is produced? can the packaging be reused or recycled easily? 


  • In time we hope to identify fair trade only suppliers who meet ethical standards.

  • Packaging made from recycled plastic, made locally. We're on our way and have identified local manufacturers who make plastic bottles from recycled plastic.

Your continued support will help us reach these goals, as they require large bulk orders.

We do all of our manufacturing in-house in a pharmaceutical-grade laboratory located in the Historic Portland neighborhood of Louisville. We join several other upstarts in a new business initiative located in Portland, located west of downtown Louisville along the Ohio river. Beargrass is excited to be a part of reshaping the torn-down, decaying and economically depressed neighborhood, to restore it to its former glory as a hub for commerce and families. 



Giving back 10% of annual net profits to organizations that help build up and support a healthy community

Working with local essential oil experts to ensure our products only contain unadulterated, highly potent essential oils.

No animal testing

No synthetic dyes, fragrance, fillers, parabens, phthalates, surfactants, or sulfides.

Vegan ingredients

Our products are not watered down. For your money, we only provide high concentrations.